Antibiotic Awareness Information Material
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Antibiotic resistance is an issue health practitioners around the world face daily. An ongoing Canadian Initiative, is coordinated by numerous health-related organizations across the country. These groups partner to promote Antibiotic Awareness in Canada.

Health Care Providers

Healthcare providers have an important role to play in reducing antibiotic resistance. This section provides materials to use with your patients, prescribing guidelines, and resources for you and your clients.

Using antibiotics wisely is the easiest way to reduce antibiotic resistance. This means only taking antibiotics when you need them and taking antibiotics exactly as prescribed.

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As a parent, it is normal to be concerned when your child is sick. We all want to do our best to make sure our children feel better as soon as possible.

This section provides parents with information on when to see you doctor, when to use antibiotics, and how to help your child feel better when they are ill.

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Factsheets has launched 4 factsheets for health care professionals: